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Hi, welcome to the page I'm working on for Updraft Publishing! Below, you can see a showcase of some of our current projects.  You can also reach me at contact@updraftpublishing.com.  Any shares and reviews posted to Amazon are much appreciated, thank you!

Catalina Island

150 page lined notebooks

Texas Armadillo

Original artwork covers

Bass Lake Sun-Bow

Hiking Journals also available

Dance by the Sea is here! Available online at Amazon, in person by contacting us, and in store at the Catalina Souvenir Shop.  Check it out, and leave a review to spread the word!

A lyrical poem set at the seaside, come get swept away with this imaginative 'what if?'. 

brrrr.... can't get warm!

Cold., released in 2018, is a fun tale about waking up too cold for comfort, spending the day attempting to warm up.

"I just love how this book makes something cold and uncomfortable, warm, and even funny."

"...eye-catching art style and [...]clever wordplay"

"If you’ve ever been really cold, this books for you!"

Tidying Up With Color... ever feel like cleaning, but lack the motivation? Color your way to a tidy space with this coloring book.  Single-sided pages are convenient for markers as well as pencils, or removing for motivational placement!

Coming Soon!

Somewhere in Shaelee's Hair is a school project in honor of Shaelee Evans of Goodnesstea.com by debut author Mikayla, released in 2021.  Stay tuned for more books, artwork, and animations by this up and coming artist.

Thank you for visiting Updraft Publishing!  We have our hands full with multiple new projects coming out later this year and next, so stay tuned for more info.  We are happy to discuss any discount bulk orders, teacher supplement requests, or dialogue about the book writing/illustrating/publishing process!

Thanks for stopping by!